August, 17-18 / Thursday-Friday
10:00 –18:00
Václavské náměstí 62, Prague
How to do business
in the Czech Republic
  • Chance to meet importers and exporters from Europe
  • Chance to hear business opportunities in Europe
Why should I invest in Czech Republic?
What makes the Czech Republic a lucrative investment opportunity is it's unbeatable location directly in the center of the European Union, which is now the largest free-market trading block on the planet.
The price of choice properties, businesses, consumables and labor in the Czech Republic are still only a fraction (about 20% on average) of what they cost in nearby Western countries like Austria and Germany, (Prague properties excepted).
If all that wasn't enough, the Czech Republic also features high standards of living, an educated populace, a vibrant economy, a stunning natural countryside and of course, Europe's most beautiful and modern capital city, Prague.
Additionally, the capital city of the country's Eastern region of Moravia, Brno, is one of Europe's rising stars - a thriving European business hub centrally located between Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Krakow, Munich and Budapest, served by direct flights from London and Prague.
Now the Czech Republic offers a unique opportunity to maximize both the value and return of your investment capital like nowhere else in the world at this time, and for the foreseeable decade.
The seminar is interesting for:
  • who want to expand their business in the Czech Republic or in Europe
  • who wants to invest to projects in Czech Republic or in Europe
Main topics of the seminar
Restaurants business
Andrey Zaitsev, the owner of EtnoSvet, best vegetarian restaurant in Prague
Real Estate
Ing. Rostyslav Petchenko, managing partner of GARTAL Corporate Group
Import and export
Pavel Mraz, Credit Manager in Ceska Exportni Banka
Start-up ecosystem
Evgeny Frolov, CEO of coworking space in Prague
Hospitality management
Sofia Romanovaskaya, Hotel Management Company owner
IT sector
Julia Kuzavleva, CEO of Fair people company, recruting of IT employees
VISA issues
Shumran Hafoudh, foreign employment service
Price and conditions
High - professional speakers will tell you how to make money in different businesses in Czech Republic
Individual consultancy with speakers
Of course you will have your own questions
You will have rooms in the cozy hotel no far from the event place
Lunch during the seminar
We will organise all this things during the meeting
The price
The price in March is 700 € per person (except costs for VISA documents and airfare).
The price in April is 1100 € per person (except costs for VISA documents and airfare).
The price in May is 1500€ per person (except costs for VISA documents and airfare).

In case you will decide to cancel your registration 200 € are non-refundable.
In case you will not get a visa, we will pay your money back.
May, 18-19 / Thursday - Friday
Václavské náměstí 62, Prague
May 18-19, Th-Fr | 10:00 –18:00
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