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Coworking in the very centre of Prague

Office space on Václavské náměstí 62
only for 100 kč per day

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Coworking for expats, living in Prague


Membership plan

for those who don’t need a place constantly - you pay only when you use it
2500 CZK
100 hours
  • • WiFi
  • • Tea/coffee
  • • Conference room
  • • Business events
  • • New business contacts
  • • Access to Da Vinci room
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You have to work at least every day but You are flexible to sit where is free
3500 CZK per month
300 CZK per day
  • • WiFi
  • • Tea/coffee
  • • Conference room
  • • Business events
  • • New business contacts
  • • Access to Da Vinci room
  • • 5% Discount for our additional services
You need your private space almost an office, but you can count your money
4500 CZK per month
  • • WiFi
  • • Tea/coffee
  • • Conference room
  • • Business events
  • • New business contacts
  • • Access to Da Vinci room
  • • 10% Discount for our additional services
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Mentorship and investments for startups: www.frolov.cz

Get a trial day

Take the opportunity to spend a day at our coworking space and get a working experience for free. From the start of the day you will already have new professional contacts, motivation and interesting experience.


Leonid Igolnik

- Mentor & Advisor in startup accelerator "Batchery" (Oakland, California)

- Angel investor in several projects in Silicon Valley

Antonio Nasuto

Occupation: Director, Commercial Sales, Central and Eastern Europe

Company: IBM

Michaela Neumannova

HR Consultant at ManpowerGroup



Partnership: investing to startups

SeedStars World

Partnership: International startup competition


Partnership: Coworking space and business accelerator in Silicon Valley

Our path

2015 - dream

Once each of us starts thinking as to why he or she wakes up in the morning. At some point these issues became important for me as well. As an entrepreneur, I often lacked sometimes help and sometimes knowledge. Thats how I realized that I want to help initiative people in making their dreams come true. Thus, I found a path which I follow up to this day.

2016 - opening of coworking space

In January 2016, we opened coworking space for expats in Prague. Why is it for expats? Because doing business in an unfamiliar environment is a very hard and risky venture while it is important to reach an absolute understanding with an accountant or lawyer. It’s not a fairy tale that everything appear in a month. We had 2 month of repairement instead of 2 weeks, we created 3 versions of our website to understand, how it works on this market, we fount and lost few members of our team... But finaly, we did it! First check point! “That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind. “? Sure it was! On August we became an ambassador of SeedStars startup competition in Czech Republic and organised their first event in Prague.

2017 - business incubator

We have already built a foundation for the future business incubator. We have launched a mentoring program (we are cooperating with the IBM Sales Director), became partners with several investment funds and are testing incubation programs for small startups.
By this time we should be able to select projects, help them to develop and provide full support in growing.

2018 - investment fund

I have a dream of opening an investment fund to invest in technological startups that could change the world. Of course, it is a challenging way full of uncertainties and risks, but it is the reason for waking up every morning.

Founder and CEO,

Evgeny Frolov

Additional services

Legal address service

Price: 4500 CZK per year

Providing companies and entrepreneurs with legal address, as well as the opportunity to receive and store correspondence.


Registration of the company

Price: 19,000 CZK

Preparation of documents and turn-key registration of a company


Rental of a conference room for 10 people

Price: 350 CZK per hour


Event space rental

Price: from 650 CZK per hour



Václavské nám. 806/62, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město

+420 777 007 424



Sales training (language - English). Price - 1,000 CZK.

Want to discover the world of a successful sales professional?

This 2-hour sales workshop is designed for non - sales people who would like to discover the world of sales.

This is a great opportunity for individuals who would like to understand if they are meant for sales... and for those salesmen who are willing to find out how to master their skills.

We will introduce the basics of sales and explain why selling is not difficult. We will talk about the habits of successful sales people.

During these 2 hours we will also open ‘the tool case of salesmen’ and discover the tools and techniques that they use in this journey.

Excel for intermediate users – enhanced capabilities (language - either Russian or English). Price - 1,000 CZK.

Want to get a job, but everywhere a good or expert command of Excel is required? Complete our 4-hour express Excel course and you can boldly add to your CV: Excel – advanced user.

  • Carrying out comprehensive analysis of big tables
  • Creating and presenting matrices effectively
  • Saving huge amount of time with the help of macros
  • Forming composite reports and much more
Brainbuilding - training for exercising intellect (language – Russian). Price - 1,000 CZK.

If you want to train your way of thinking and ability to feel and understand people, read their feelings, thoughts and wishes. If you want to train your brain to quickly analyze information, make your brain concentrate on important things, master your ability to swiftly adapt to any situation, namely: keeping your feelings and emotions under control, seeing a situation from other people’s perspective, understanding what to do next in order to deal with the situation successfully.

For whom

For freelancers, programmers, translators, copywriters and designers

Opportunity to work on projects in a working environment and find contractors and partners.

For startup businesses

We can offer you a coaching program, mentors, business training programs and help in forming a team or searching for investment. Here you will find an effective environment for the development of your project and team.

For entrepreneurs and small businesses

Save money and invest it in your business! By renting a coworking space, you get an office in the very centre of Prague, a conference room for meetings with contractors, and significant cost savings.

Our residents

Company name: Reactor

Activity: web studia

«We moved to a coworking space after we had decided to eliminate rent costs. For us, the key moment was pricing and location. But what we found truly important is the atmosphere and the people surrounding you.»

Evgeny Semyonov, Marketing Director

Company name: Instaptac

Activity: social media photo printing machines

«Having settled in at a coworking space, I saved money on rent and was able to hire an employee and rent a workspace for him as well. I regularly hold meetings in a conference room and discovered new ideas for the development of my business.»

Oleg Khuba, CEO

Company name: DRUMCROWD

Activity: School of percussion instruments (Prague)

«At that stage I was thinking of whether to continue doing this business or quit it. But after spending one week in a coworking space, I received lots of advice and ideas, made many new acquaintances. Three weeks later I rented a studio apartment, hired new teachers and got my first contracts.»

Maria Kasyanova, CEO



Václavské nám. 806/62, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město

+420 777 007 424